TENDIEZ is a series of meetings with creative people and entrepreneurs in the world of architecture, design, construction and real estate, hotel and restaurant developments which communication format is global trend, inspired by events like TEDx created in the US and the Pecha Kucha 20×20 Nigths Japan. At each meeting, several speakers offer their experiences in 10-minute talks that seek to give an inspirational message to an audience of professionals and entrepreneurs in creative industries. The Tucumán meeting will be the third edition of the 2015 cycle that runs the country.
The goal is to create an environment of meeting, discussion and networking among speakers and audience, with all players in the design, architecture, construction, real estate development and related businesses, seeking the common interest. TENDIEZ was created in 2012 by Arch. Sarzabal Hernán Barbero, director of strategic communications SARZABAL consultant, specializing in relationship marketing for the community of architects, designers and developers. Since 2014, the series “TENDIEZ Experiences” is performed, with the association of the Arq. Alicia Falconi, an expert in cultural management and marketing of architecture