Our study has just obtained two first prizes in the competition “Distinctions CAT, 25th anniversary, FADEA AWARD 2015”.

The Honorable Jury formed by Arch. Ricardo Salim and Hugo Ahumada Ostengo, from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU), and Arq. Luis Pascal from the College of Architects of Tucuman (CAT) has distinguished Plural Architects First Prize in the categories “individual Detached” and “Multifamily housing or low-density housing complex up to four levels.”

In its judgment on the “Casa El Corte” winner in the category “individual Detached”, the jury highlighted “the remarkable integration between architecture and landscape. The work involves managing existing vegetation areas of high perceptual sensitivity. Functional premise is very interesting in its resolution on “L”, with tensions at their edges that emphasize integration with nature. The exuberance of the landscape contrasts with the austerity of the formal decision. ”

Also on the “Edificio San Juan 87” winner “Multifamily Housing” he said “the scale and its adaptation to the surrounding environment. Good surround functional resolution that responds to climatic factors of the environment “.

With these two distinctions, Plural Architects will participate on 5 and 6 November by the Regional FADEA award and in case of winning, by the National FADEA.

The “Distinctions CAT, 25th anniversary, AWARD FADEA 2015” is intended to highlight the building industry production of professional architects enrolled in the College of Architects of Tucuman either works in the same or production at national or international level.