Plural Architects was selected along with 24 other offices around the country to take part in the exhibition “The material of the buildings,” action being undertaken by the company Weber and seeks to value the work of prominent studies of Argentine architecture.

The exhibition, which consists of presenting the work of 24 architectural offices, will be presented in Tucuman on Tuesday June 2, at 18, in the main hall of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the National University of Tucuman, and will with the presence of authorities and the internationally renowned architects. Plural Architects, volume highlights of our works done: Also in this framework, the fourth book in the series that integrates the sample is presented.

24 architectural offices that are part of the exhibition were selected by noted the “good build” as key architectural sustainability. The examples will be presented on Tuesday, they are noted for their consistency on this understanding of the architectural object and the distribution and relationship with all the geography of our country. That is why from the choice of material and technique to manage the technical development to be examples of sustainability, understood in terms of well-built architecture.

The exhibition “The Material of the buildings” is developed as a move to add value to the work of Argentine architecture studies, focusing on quality and creativity expressed in the technical and matter as prominent feature. It is developed by Bisman Editions and sponsored by the company Weber.

This exhibition is a continuation of cultural actions for the dissemination of Argentina architecture integrates with the publication of a collection of books (in paper and digital formats) that tries to draw a picture of our environment and time. In 2014, he appeared on the faculties of architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, Palermo University and the University of Moron, and this time his tour starts with different cultural areas of the country during 2015.

Besides Plural Architects, up the first edition of this collective action the following offices of architecture in the country:

Babo / Borrachia Study / Study of Puerto – Sardin Architects / B Architecture / Study Marchisio Nanzer / A4 Studio / Cekada Romans Architects / Arzubialde Architects / Dynamo Architecture / Barq / r2b1 / Architects / Intile Rogers / Frias-Tomchinsky Architects / CCFGM Architects / Ferrer Alarcia architects / MVS Architects / Studio MONOBLOCK / M2G Architects / Atot Architects / Amado Cattaneo / Antonio Carrasco.