Sixty proposals specially selected architectural firms, reflect through this competition, about new ways of living, incorporating technology and the impact on the environment.

It designed by architect Daniel Silberfaden, UNACASA (Habitar Contemporánea) is a competition that seeks to reflect how new ways of living and new families or cores society impact on housing. Our study was selected and invited to participate in this proposal that brings together sixty studies of compounds architecture for outstanding young architects of Argentina and countries like Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil.

“In countries like ours housing deficits reach millions. And therefore continue to think the architecture and construction craft terms, there appears a plan to follow. Our houses designed in past centuries artisanal or terms are inefficient, “reflects Silberfaden.

The jury, composed of renowned professors, architects Paul Sztulwark, Jorge Remes Lenicov and Eduardo Leston, has the task of selecting five finalists Studies sixty guests, to project contemporary houses that will be launched to the market by a company of industrial housing.

This competition aims to generate housing on the one hand, represent the needs of our time, yet, has a motor efficiency. The history of the automotive industry, in 100 years, since the advent of the assembly line created by Henry Ford, manages to turn a vehicle into something necessary, which can be mass produced, and has incorporated not only design but also issues that have to do with comfort and security. If we transfer this to housing, it is found that even higher standard, continue to struggle. This competition invites to begin a new stage, taking this conceptual starting point.

The five finalists studies will be the creators of housing prototypes that will be sold, by the thousands, in markets and supermarkets, and will be transported all over the country and even to neighboring countries. The approach is to work from the new ways of living, and the challenge is a small house. A house, perhaps the first house. The traditional type family has been in history and today the company has evolved into new models. Research developed, among others by Jorge Sarquis have compiled up to 27 family models possible. Conditioning, all of them, “new ways of living.”

“The question is how our homes respond to these new realities, how desjerarquizar housing is achieved, flexibility to changes, how articulate coexistence between traditional household activities and new forms such as work at home issues sustainability not only the finished product but throughout the construction process, economy, energy saving, among other parameters, “explains Silberfaden.

The finalists will be hired by the sponsoring company for the project and monitor housing prototypes, to the perfect fit of all parts and from there begin mass production to try to meet throughout Argentina and neighboring countries. As innovative detail, the winning architects, apart from classic fee, charge a percentage of each property sold of his own for 5 years.

“We thank all participants for their commitment and dedication to this project that conveys a powerful insight into the new ways of living and housing of the century, a collective work that exceeds the limits of this competition and is emerging as a document that provides reflections and visions as diverse on one of the most important issues of our discipline, contemporary living and the right to decent housing, “says Silberfaden.

In the draft submitted by our study, there was collaboration of architects from different countries, they are: Miguel Duarte (Paraguay), Rosario Segado (Spain), Victor Ebergenyi (Mexico), Augusto Montes de Oca, Carlos Sarcay and Paulo Vera (Argentina).